Individual Income Tax Returns

Tax time can be a very stressful time for many. At Fiala CPA, we strive to bring you optimal results making sure you receive all of the deductions you deserve and we provide you with tax planning for the next year.  A big part of receiving optimal results at tax time involves tax planning.  With tax planning, there will be no surprises for you on your taxes. They will turn out the way you expect them to turn out as long as we are notified of any changes that take place in your income or your life that would affect your tax liability.

There are many people that use Turbo Tax and other Tax Software programs each year. The problem with this is you have to know which deductions you are entitled to in order to receive them and you have to put the appropriate information in the right areas in order for it to be accurate. Also, with Turbo Tax and other Tax Software programs, you don’t get to sit down with a tax professional and do your tax planning for the next year.

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