Business Owners, When is it time to hire a CPA?

Business Owners, When is it time to hire a CPA?

Your Business is NOT Growing  Are you too busy with the day to day operations of your business and the bookkeeping to focus on growing your business? Sometimes if a business owner could just step back and take the time to create and implement strategies, their business would do much better. Also, if you aren’t a “numbers” person, it probably takes you longer to do some of the tedious bookkeeping items and figuring out your bottom line than it would for you to be an entrepreneur. Business owners become business owners because they are entrepreneurs first. It is in their blood. Unfortunately, bookkeeping and numbers are a part of owning a business and can bog a business owner down and keep their creativity at bay.

You are Worried About Audits   If the thought of the IRS paying you a visit makes you nervous because your records aren’t in order, it may be better to a CPA on your side. Compliant books will give you the peace of mind in case you ever are audited.

You are Paying Too Much in Taxes and/or Overhead  A CPA can help you assess your tax and overhead situation. Many times we find that business owners are paying too much in taxes and that their overhead is much higher than it needs to be.

You Question Your Profit Margin and/or Business Structure  We can compare your profit margin to industry standards, and if you are off, we can help you find ways of increasing your profit margin. Sometimes there are ways to save on taxes by just changing your business structure.

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